Sugar3 Website and AppDeveloped over the past year, the Sugar3 website and mobile app was designed to provide age specific education to help support children, teenagers and young adults to manage their type 1 diabetes and avoid long-term complications.

From the start, this has been done as a partnership between The Big Idea, the project team at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (PCNFT), diabetes nurses and (most importantly!) children with type 1 diabetes all working together to make sure everything is fit for purpose.

Sugar3 (cubed) was designed to help young patients reduce long-term complications from their condition and put them firmly in the driving seat of their care. Both the site and the app have three interfaces covering age groups 6-10, 11-14 and 15+ years to ensure the fully tested educational materials match the children’s needs and that the resource grows with them.

The children are registered on the site and app with their nurse, and can then use them securely (the site utilises SSL). The Learning Modules include stress management and emotional wellbeing as well as the more clinical aspects of their condition.

There is a personalised dashboard, so children can track their learning and reports on self-assessment can be sent to their nurse. For the nurses, this will be vital to ensuring that the young people really understand the different aspects of their condition and how to manage them. Sugar3 gives children and young people some control over their care. They can have Skype consultations, request appointments and use email for questions and support.

Sugar3 has been co-designed at all stages, with children with type 1 and their parents as equal partners in decision making, to ensure quality and that the site and app will work for those who use it. Children and parents sit on the steering group and provide regular feedback to the project team.

We at The Big Idea are proud to have been part of this vital and innovative project.

To find out more visit the Sugar3 Website