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Brand your company 1

Your Company

The brand nutshell: start with an overview of your company. Clearly define what your business does, its products and services and how people can benefit.

Target your Brand

Your Goals

List the goals of your company, and what you hope to achieve. Decide exactly what your key message is, what you want to communicate and why.

Agree your brand

Your Market

Who is your target market? Include any demographics you may know – the age, gender, income, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you are targeting.

Your brand

Your Brand

We brand companies from the ground up. A successful brand is consistent, achieved solely through strong design that communicates a message simply and effectively.

Punch above your weight

Be Strong

A strong logo gives you the power to punch above your weight. Logo design is the most important part of crafting a strong theme and identity. Having a professional and strong logo is a powerful tool that, when successfully implemented, creates instant recognition for your business. In short, a logo makes or breaks your brand.

Be Emotional

A strong brand will create a positive emotional response within its target market. Being able to create a positive emotional association between your target market and business will ultimately determine your success. This positive association is not achieved overnight, but is built over time through the use of good branding and a positive customer relationship built on understanding, trust and support.

Holistic branding

Be Holistic

A successful brand connects every aspect of media – from stationery to the web to corporate signage – in a coherent, consistent pattern. Maintain consistency within your company through the use of colour, fonts, typography, theme and imagery. A successful campaign based on that brand will have a strong identity, as if all the design pieces belong within a family structure. In doing this, you are creating credibility and relevance for your business.

  • This is 10% luck …
  • 20% clear-mindedness …
  • 15% design …
  • 5% pleasure …
  • 50% planning …
  • … and 100% creative imagination …