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New mobile apps

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It’s been shown that people spend much more time using apps than they do web browsers on their mobile phones

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Your Audience

Many businesses now use apps alongside regular websites to extend their reach into the mobile marketplace

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Reach Everyone

We create apps for all types of mobile devices – iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Windows – you name it!

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Apps probably cost a lot less than you might imagine, so don’t get left behind – contact us today for a bespoke quote

The Mobile World

In 2014, Flurry (a mobile analytics firm) reported that mobile apps accounted for 86% of the time the average American consumer spent on their mobile devices, compared with 14 percent for mobile web browsers. Surprised? Add to that the fact that the average user can choose from more than a million apps in both the App Store and Google Play. To stand out in this environment it requires something extra …

Our Approach

We look at apps holistically – there is the design and and user experience of course, but how does your app solve a problem for the user, what will it convey that will establish a strong connection with the user? We make apps that integrate with your other online activities, sharing content with your website and other channels to provide a unique, consistent and useful platform for whatever it is that your organisation does.