The Pennine Care NHS Trust is currently working on completion of the Puffin educational website, aimed at children with asthma.

The Big Idea was pleased to be chosen as the developer of this important site, which offers children the chance to learn more about asthma, and to track their own progress in combatting the condition via an associated app. The site follows on from a previous site built for children with type 1 diabetes – Sugar3.

Puffin was developed directly with children and nurses at the trust and once registered the users can access a range of educational videos tailored to their specific age group. They learn about the condition generally, and how to better prepare for and cope in the event of attacks. Each video comes with an associated quiz to make sure they are picking up as much information as possible. The children are also encouraged to submit their own stories, in the hope that their experiences will help others.

Monitoring progress

The website also features a custom made tracker to help monitor progress on a day to day basis, and, should things go wrong, the opportunity to book an appointment with a nurse at the Trust. The website allows nurses to monitor individual users results, providing reports on both progress with the educational modules and the tracker.

All of the above features and more have also been compiled into an app, available to download free on Android and iPhones. For more information contact the Pennine Care NHS Trust, or visit the website.